225 | A day by the clock

Mitchel Lensink
Aug 13, 2021
1 min read

8:14 AM I’m waking up on thinking those couple of beers last night don’t seem like such a good idea now. ‘I will do whatever I need to do and then I chill out for the rest of the day’, I think to myself knowing full well that I’ll probably still end up doing stuff in the afternoon.

8:50 AM I get my bike from storage and put on Nuit d’Afrique which I’ve listened to countless times but is still one of my favorite songs.

I’m running a little late but I can’t muster the energy to rush myself.

9:01 AM I sit down at my desk in the office. Can’t believe I’m still on time.

11:44 AM I’m tired and hungry. Might keep my promise of doing nothing after I get home.

01:30 PM I worked overtime. Can you believe that? Time to go home.

01:45 PM Upon returning home I decide to make a few quick adjustments to my photography archive. From here on out I’m automatically uploading all my exports to a private section of the archive. All my work at my fingertips whenever I need it.

I then tinker a bit with the payment processors on my website. I then tinker some more with other things.

04:56 PM I turn on my PlayStation 4 and grab a cold beer from the fridge.

08:45 PM A friend texts a picture of a bottle of Moët and asks if me and Charlotte are joining. I close my game and put on some decent clothes. Here we go again.

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