199 | A first person view of what a Sunday should be

Mitchel Lensink
Jul 18, 2021
1 min read

You wake up a little crusty after a good night of entertainment. You shake it off with the help of a good breakfast of bagels with cream cheese but keep your profile low for a few more hours. Watch a couple of travel vlogs on YouTube. Observe the sky from the balcony. Shoot cute videos of the cats hunting after small insects.

You then ponder any further planning as the morning slowest transforms into an early afternoon. A friend reaches out for afternoon drinks and bites. Of course you accept that invitation. You hesitate on which camera to bring as neither of them can be called a favorite. You love them equally as you would with your children. The Fujifilm X-Pro3 you recently acquired wins the battle this time.

You freely spread yourself at the friend’s balcony and indulge with the finer goods of life. You spot a kitten in the corner and bless your earlier decision to bring the X-Pro3 with the 35mm f2 attached. A wonderful combination to document the early days of this little cat. The little kitten doesn’t object to your presence and let’s itself be photographed abundantly.

Another friend calls and asks if you and your company are up to grab some pizzas. Off you go again. Pizza restaurant Bombari is calling. Once arrived, you down a few regular sized beers while others drink S-sized pints. The evening is still young and the sun hasn’t fully left the day yet. There is just one final stop to make. the New City Terrace that’s the hippest thing currently available in the city. It’s not that hip but the choices are limited regarding new initiatives. You take what you can get.

Upon arrival you notice that the ambiance is super mellow. Just what you’re after. You sit yourself down in a comfortable spot and let the rest of the day pass by while sinking into a slow satisfaction.

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