040 | A miniature photography project

Mitchel Lensink
Feb 9, 2021
1 min read

The moment I turn around the corner, all I can see is this beautiful light. It hits the tiny little rooftops straight on, as the afternoon slowly fades. Time is waning and I have to move quickly.

I park my bike and run up the stairs of my apartment building. I need to unburden myself from these groceries. Trade them in for my camera. As I’m in the process of unpacking, I make a decision on the lens I want to use. The Tokina 135mm f2.8 that I use through an adapter. “The extra reach will be necessary as I can’t get past the fence”, is what I say to myself out loud.

As I return to the scene, the light is still there, though weakening by the minute. It doesn’t matter, the setting remains.

I snap a photo.
And another one.
I walk a few steps.
Another photo.
I hold still at the corner, take a moment to take it in.
Two more snaps.
I continue making my way around the perimeter.
I’m now looking for details.
There’s one.

This continues for a solid half an hour until I make my way all around the fencing. I feel a sense of completion. Excitement, even.

It was a sunny winter afternoon in the garden.

All the images are available on the project page.

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