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The amount of unrest I felt yesterday could be fully attributed to my lack of movement during the day. I know that to be a certainty now, because the three hour walk I did today was the only thing that remedied that. It was just as much tiring (in a good way) as it was invigorating (also in a good way).

The way I set up the walk was a first for me. I planned to go to Utrecht and walk around a little, the same way I did last week in Amsterdam Zuid. Instead, I arrived at the station just in time for the slow train, instead of the intercity. The moment I sat down in the train an idea crept up on me.

Why didn’t I get out a stop earlier and simply walk the rest to Utrecht Centraal? It would be a nice expansion of my little walk and a guarantee I would walk some roads I haven’t walked before. A quick search revealed that the walk was a mere 36 minutes. I didn’t have to think twice about it.

Now, to be totally honest, the route from Utrecht Overvecht to Utrecht Centraal isn’t the nicest. It was a walk nonetheless and through neighbourhoods I wasn’t familiar with. That was good enough for me. To make it a little more fun, I allowed myself to wander in the direction I was generally going but also take a few detours here and there if I spotted something of interest. I simply let my navigation steer me a little when I drifter off course too much. It worked wonderfully.

I’m now thinking I could do this more often.

The idea is that I will still just be wandering around aimlessly but now also have a goal I’m walking towards. It gives more purpose to the walk and therefore makes it more fun. It also allows me to set parameters for future outings, which I like a lot because I struggle to find places to go to that could interest me photographically.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to share today. Onwards!

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