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I told you I’d be back with original thoughts, right? Well today you can enjoy a new ‘behind the photo’1.

As a reminder, I try to approach the stories as if I’m seeing the photo for the first time myself, as if I didn’t take them. If that seems weird to you then I encourage you to try it. It’s a good exercise of looking more closely.

Without further ado:

A pyramid! Sort of.

Not really, now that I’m looking at it more closely. I see the triangular shape but I also see the multiple levels. The differences in material. I can see the light hitting reflective surfaces. I can see deep shadows. Oh wait, I’m looking up. Of course I am. That’s the perfect explanation for the way the light hits.

Which also explains the speckles that are unevenly sprinkled through the frame. Now that I know I’m looking up, this must be rain then. The camera is pointing its lens straight at it. Facing the dangers of moisture entering its body. Such a brave little camera.

Well, this must’ve been a day with pretty bad weather to take some photographs then. I’m sure the effect wouldn’t have been the same on a sunny day though. The mood is… impeccable. I can feel the dread. The drear. As I’m looking up, the stream of drops hitting my face, I feel small.





  1. I guess that’s what it’s called on the product pages so I’ll be referring to it here by the same name. ↩︎

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