147 | A quick ramble about a bunch of things

Mitchel Lensink
May 27, 2021
1 min read

Yesterday was a pretty well thought out Monologue from my side. Accompanied by the third issue of Dialogue. It was a busy day. Today I feel like rambling a little and share some random thoughts. Here it goes.

I updated the fonts on the website (Lora and Open Sans). I sorta had to do that, as I want to keep a consistency between my online and my offline work. I plan on making the next few offline works through Blurb, which limits my options for the fonts I can use. Not all fonts work with their eBook conversions and I do want to make eBooks from my normal books as well. Which basically means it’s no longer offline work but I digress. I told you this would be a rambling right?

To elaborate a little more on my next offline work; I’m thinking about making something called Viewfinder magazine. I’m not sure if I talked about that before on here. Anyway, I’ve been shooting a bunch of random photos as I’m searching for interesting subject matter and I’ll probably keep doing that in the future. I decided to group those together under the name ‘Viewfinder’, which I think is pretty clever wordplay. Anyway (that’s twice now), I thought it’d be fun to make a small, very cheaply produced, magazine out of those photographs and give that away for free. You know, as a little marketing tool. Seems kinda fun, right?

Finally, I’m definitely making a book out of these Monologues. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that idea before on here. I mean, it’s the only writing I do that has some actual body to it when you add it all up. It’s all a bunch of nonsense sure, so if you’re reading this next year in the print version of the book: sorry, it probably doesn’t get any better! Being perfectly honest, I just want to make a book that has many pages. That way I can pretend to do many things and seem very important. But only when you judge that book by its cover. If you open it up and read the actual contents, you’ll find out soon this is all a bunch of rambling.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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