A windy day1 min read

I might’ve gone a little too much into the vagueness of describing a photo here but you’ll have to excuse me. A seemingly boring shot has a lot going on if your imagination allows it.

And as an ado could not be founded:

A windy day. That’s for sure.

A pier. Sand. Dark skies. Rain? No, no rain. Just wind. And a very heavy one as well.

Judging by the sky, it was a stormy day. The choppy water tells the same story. The beach agrees with the water and let’s it sand blow wherever it wants to go. There are no rules here, no almighty entity. Anything is possible. Or, wait a minute, maybe this is the work of an almighty entity?

Maybe this is how a God let’s you know that you don’t matter. If you dare to weather the raw elements on a cold winter beach, He will let you know you are nothing but a puny little human. A speckle in the cosmos. Powerless to defend yourself.

But to be totally honest, I don’t quite believe in all that stuff.

What I do know is

The wind blew
Almost everything away

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