Alright, what do we have here1 min read

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Let me answer that question myself right away: yes it has! With the lessest of ados, here’s another ‘About The Photo’: “Alright, what do we have here? I see a door. A red door. With bushes on either side. Nice, green bushes. Ah! A complimentary colorscheme. Very nice for the eyes, I like it. And what’s that in the bottom left corner? A little flower? Yes, yes it is. A red flower. Then, those bricks encapsulating the red door. They look aged. Like they’ve had their fair share of things transpire in front of them. History tells us that those bricks have been there since the early 50’s. Who knows what those bricks have heard, if they had any ears. Finally, the elephant in the room, the broomstick in front of the red door. It’s worn down to its core, hardly able to sweep the lawn in a proper manner anymore. A result of very vigorous sweeping? Or is that broomstick perhaps just as old as the bricks it’s resting against? A closer inspection of the handle, a section not as subject to deterioration as the bottom, tells us it has seen some use. Some abuse even? After all, that poor broomstick is left there outside on its own like nobody cares if it stays or leaves. All in all, a scene that reveals more of the present, the past and even the passage of time. If you look close enough.

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