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As you probably know (probably not), as a photographer I make a filthy amount of money (no I don’t). Therefore I have actively decided (everybody else in my surroundings started doing it), to teach myself (listen to a podcast) how to start investing my money.

It immediately became clear to me (I slowly started to realize), that it’s smart to spread your investments over different types of assets. As I worked my way to becoming an expert (I’m almost a novice now), I might be well on my way to start building a sufficient amount of wealth to sustain my life in the future (I might loose a little less money by not keeping everything in a savings account).

I am almost done with my research (I just want to start but have no idea what I’m doing) and will soon invest most of my savings (I will start with the lowest amount possible). I’m sure (hopefully) that through careful consideration and reviews (following the lead of people I trust), I might be able to achieve financial independence soon (again, probably not).

I do like to think big (I’m a dreamer). I’m sure you have a similar experience (please tell me I’m not alone in this).

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