189 | Back in the old days

Mitchel Lensink
Jul 8, 2021
1 min read

Back in the old days things were much simpler. Uncomplicated at all times. Well, most of the times at least. I shot photos whenever I wanted and of whatever I wanted. That didn’t bring me anywhere at that time but it did bring me to where I am now. Oh and when I say “back in the old days”, I’m referring to five years ago. Maybe six.

These days I’m riding around full days on a bike I built myself shooting photos for a company that’s specifically interested in the type of work I do. My style. That’s amazing. I will never not bet on myself ever again. But, let’s be honest, as long as I’m still taking commissions like these I’m not investing all my time in personal projects. I’m currently not sure what one makes more sense.

It’s a comforting thought I’ll be back to work on The Efflorescence (De Ontluiking). A project that holds great value for society1 and at this time has a special place reserved in my heart. Which reminds me, that thing coming in the mail today? That was the Fujifilm X-Pro3. I shuffled some things around (mostly mentally) and I could justify the cost. I also can now afford it anyway so why not treat myself like the pro2 that I believe I am.

I came home a tired man. Ready to put down my camera for a while. But now, a mere four hours later, I’m ready to go back out again.

  1. I know that sounds megalomaniac but I think this might really be the case in a few years. ↩︎

  2. Or… X-Pro? ↩︎

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