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Today’s story might be even more uninteresting than usual (at least to people that aren’t me) but I’m writing it specifically for documentary purposes.

I set off last year with a goal of becoming a zen master. Not that I wanted to join a monastery and become a monk (not at this time) but I wanted to experience more inner-peace. I haven’t quite reached that goal in 2020. I did have some moments where I felt more centred than I’ve ever felt. I also had some moments where the challenges overthrew my efforts for calmness.

Still, at the end of last year I could say I had made some strides and ended up more self-aware and relaxed than I started the year.

Come 2021 and I vowed to continue my efforts in becoming a zen master.

The year is only a few weeks old so there is no way to tell my progress. For the past few days though, I did notice a noticeable increase in mental clarity and bodily calm. Not to say I’ve had a major breakthrough and my goal is now suddenly reached. I’m writing this merely to document a few things that I have been doing for the past few days.

Maybe, when I look back on this in a few months, I recognise things that turned out to be beneficial.

Without further ado, here is a short list of things I think that bring me inner-peace:

  1. Exercise at least twice a week
  2. Write everyday
  3. Built things for myself
  4. Listening to this song while cycling.
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