246 | Categorization, pun intended

Mitchel Lensink
Sep 3, 2021
1 min read

How many cat photos can you pull off before people start to categorize (pun intended) you as the pet photographer? I hope it’s not too many more, as I presume I will enjoy photographing animals a lot more than dusty office people.1 I’m never going back to doing that again. In fact, don’t even reach out unless you have a four legged friend to photograph. Otherwise I’m way too busy walking and riding circles around my hometown, photographing whatever I come across, until I’m ready to commit to a longer term project again.

Anyway, I shot this one this afternoon and really like the vibe. Though my cats are straight vibes anyway so I couldn’t fail to begin with.

  1. Yeah I said it. Partly because I’m still mentally separating myself from that. Partly because I’m still not sure what is next for me instead. This whole year of writing Monologues has been a cycle of repetition and minor breakthroughs so you’ll have to excuse me. ↩︎

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