Close-ups in color1 min read

Who knows what can happen when you set out to shoot high buildings in black and white? I do! You end up shooting close-ups of wet leaves in beautiful Fujifilm color. With a little help of my own eye of course.

Not by to brag but, I feel like I’m getting quite good at post-processing these days. I really feel like I’m nearing a solid balance of luminosity, saturation and hues that suit my taste.

As illustrated by my next few words:

Oehhh I like those details. Those drops, the colors, the sharpness. I like it! I see a subtle spec of light on the area that’s in focus. I see the shade for the visually obscured. A blur to hide imperfections, maybe? Who knows, these leaves might have some stories to tell.

I mean, can you see the moodiness in them? Can you see how they’re trying to hold on to some sunnier days for dear life? The rain hasn’t gotten the best of them yet but you can sure tell they’ve taken a beating.

Whatever happens, there are always going to be darker days. These leaves know it. For now though, they’re still hanging in there.

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