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In my quest for artistic growth and my search for topical meaning, I figured I rekindle my connection with academic literature. I’ve made great use of scientific writing during my studies1 but after graduation I never read another article again.

A shame, really, as I could still use a source like that to deepen my understanding of the things I now care about. Not everything you read has to come from another person’s blog, you know. Or, even worse, social media. I hope that more thoroughly researched articles provide me with some more background information, perspective and understanding of where I can fit in.

Obviously I’m thinking within the scope of photography again here2 and especially documentary photography is my current focus of research. Looking back on yesterday’s Monologue, it seemed a logical place to start.

As I lost access to most online sources of academic writing3 I had to resort to what is freely available on Google Scholar. To my surprise the offering wasn’t minimal!

I decided to see what I could gather in a quick search and then just start reading. I’m sure that will lead to new questions and insights. After that I can just, you know, go from there.

  1. Mostly because you have to but still. ↩︎

  2. Gosh it’s all I talk about do I? I hope the angles in which I do provide sufficient variety. ↩︎

  3. Most are behind a paywall that your university will pay for as long as you study there. Which I no longer do. ↩︎

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