237 | Empty screen, eyelessly staring at me

Mitchel Lensink
Aug 25, 2021
1 min read

Empty screen, eyelessly staring at me. Flickering cursor, taunting me with my indecisiveness. One flash, two flashes, three. It’s almost — almost — as if I can hear my word processor say ‘you will never write a solid story today, there is no way you have anything to share’. It wouldn’t be a lie; how can I say something of interest 365 days in a row? I don’t experience enough interesting things to be able to do that.

Would this project require an update every week then yes, maybe I’d be able to pull it off. Every month sounds even better. I’d be able to write proper editions of my newsletter, Dialogue, then. Just twelve stories in a year, everybody can pull that off. Though not when all my thoughts and ideas are spent on daily updates. Perhaps it’s time to change up the format a little. Change the expectations.

So no, maybe I won’t be able to write a proper story today, dear taunting cursor of mine. But the process continues. One day at a time.

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