Endless Cycle to Utrecht, train back home?1 min read

I’m about to set off on a bike ride to Utrecht. It’s about 24K from my home, which takes about 1,5 hours according to Maps. I am not in a rush and plan to shoot a Do You Register on the way so I think 1,5 hours sounds fine.

I’m all prepared (I think) so let’s hit play on Endless Cycle and see how this ride feels.


Okay so I arrived! It took 1 hour and 7 minutes, including a pause to shoot that movie and a quick detour to peek across the plains of the old Soesterberg Airport1. Anyway, I’m already one beer deep so perhaps I’ll just take the train back home. We’ll see, we’ll see.

Oh, I shot one photo:

  1. I also forgot to turn off my Strava session but let’s not be picky now. ↩︎