044 | Even when nothing happens, so many things happen

Mitchel Lensink
Feb 13, 2021
1 min read

Even when nothing happens, so many things happen.

Despite an image being static, its subjects can never be.

In a time where everything seems to have taken up an unbelievably fast pace, we can all benefit from a little peace and quiet. But even then, in the most boring settings, the most serene scenes, the movement of daily life is untameable.

Luckily, the joy of waking up early and witnessing the sunrise is not lost. We can still enjoy a quiet moment to ourselves. It’s beautiful, yes. Serene, also.

But free of stimuli, never.

Look at the birds in the sky, and their innumerability. The number of people on the same road every morning. The smoke coming from the central heating of homes with families waking up in them. A sound of a train passing by. A crying baby. More birds.

An image can be static, absolutely still. Its subjects can never be. An observer can look at nothing, just stare into the distance. And still see so much.

‘DO YOU REGISTER?’ is a registration of modern-day life in its purest form. There’s no editing, no fancy camera movement, no narrative, no beginning, no end. It’s a direct peek into life in the 21st century.

The goal is to document life in our current time. To have a registration of things we now view as ordinary, everyday, boring. Things we take for granted.

Yes, the video might be considered boring. Looking out your window in 2021 will grant you the same effect. What will looking out your window twenty years from now in 2041, or in 100 years in 2121, or in a thousand years in 3021, look like though? There’s no way to tell. But then, at least by then, ‘DO YOU REGISTER?’ will provide a window back into 2021. Stuff that is ordinary now, might not be by then. And then, at least we still have the images.

8:28 AM
12 February
The Netherlands

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