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Another full day. Woke up to a headache. But it didn’t take too long to get my head straight. Shot some product photos for my De Lens Loves You vintage dad caps. Went to pick up a package. Then bought an LP at the last local recordshop. Texted my mother to check in. Followed that up with a visit. Rushed to the station to grab a train. Happened to catch my mate on the way. Pulled up to the spot where said mate and another one had to spin some records. I kicked back and shot some photos. Come 7PM and we rush to the station to be in time for a dinner date. The direct train is cancelled. We find a pasta for dinner and wait for the next option. A stop train with a stop bus that takes about 45 minutes what would otherwise have taken 18. We deal with the consequences and don’t let our head down. I cycle to my final destination of the day. I grab a few beers. Another full day.
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