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Good news. Great news, even! The lovely folks of WPPOOL have helped me refine the look of the dark mode on my website. I now consider it good enough to enable it for all visitors! Perhaps there’ll be some tinkering with it, of course there will be tinkering, and the results will be even more stunning. But I digress.

You can now enjoy my amazing stories at night with a little more piece for your eyes. As a bonus (a big bonus!) photos look amazing in dark mode as well. The get a real pop that every photographer will appreciate.

In other news, I’ve completely turned off tracking on my website. I don’t like those cookie banners and I don’t like using Google Analytics for more reasons than that. There are a few options out there that allow visitor-tracking without invading your privacy but those are a little too expensive to justify, considering my pageviews are still very low. At least they we’re when I turned off tracking. I guess there’s no way to tell anymore now, is there?

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Hey, I’m Mitchel Lensink. I’m a photographer and writer from The Netherlands. Want to know more than that? You can find out on my about page.

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