Goodbye WordPress, you have been wonderful1 min read

Today I’ve decided to leave WordPress for Ghost. After playing around with the idea for a bit, tempted by the incredible speed and performance the Ghost platform offers, I have started moving over all the content on my current website to the new one.

It’s no small task and I am trying to get it done as quickly as possible. After all, each day I wait produces an additional Monologue that needs transferring. In addition, I do have some challenges to overcome regarding my e-commerce solution but I’m happily accepting the challenge. In the process I’m accidentally getting quite handy at html and css as well. Always nice to have an extra skill, I suppose.

Leaving WordPress wasn’t a decision I took lightly because I have over five years of experience on the platform. I’m not super technical but I did learn quite a few things in those five years and most of that knowledge will be useless moving forward. I will miss being able to built stuff easily but I won’t miss the slow and clunky experience WordPress has turned into. The only way is forward. Without further delays.

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Hey, I’m Mitchel Lensink. I’m a photographer and writer from The Netherlands. Want to know more than that? You can find out on my about page.

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