Had a day like Ice Cube in ’92. A good one.1 min read

I take my bike and go for a ride in the rural areas around the city. The sun is out, the ride is smooth. My camera accompanying me.

I shoot a photo. And another one. Then some more.

I return home, a little tired but content. I sit down at my desk and edit any and all outstanding work. I finish things. Then I decide it’s time to take it one step further.

I export everything I’ve just finished. Even everything I have produced so far for my B&W Squares (working title) project. I want to start laying out the Zine. I should order some cheap prints of the photos to lay them out. I have a blank wall right next to me that might be perfect.

I remember I forgot to edit my work for the local paper. Back to Lightroom.

I finish those images as well. Now I’m truly content. Then I upload everything to my online archive and call it a day.

A good day.

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