228 | I am ready to write longer stories. At least mentally

Mitchel Lensink
Aug 16, 2021
1 min read

To be perfectly honest, I am a little over writing Monologues every day. I’m sure I’m being misguided but I feel like I’ve gained from daily writing what there was to gain. I really want to focus on writing longer more in-depth pieces now. This will also help to increase the frequency of my newsletter and I want to write longer think pieces for my blog. Pieces that is are more thought out than these daily updates. Stories that can gain some actual momentum and provoke some thought with other people.

The goal of the Monologues was always to train my writing muscle and that is definitely happening. Writing has slowly became a habit that will be hard to kick. It’s the reason why I now feel like writing longer pieces to begin with! So no worries, I will not quit my project and will see it through until the end of this year. It has proven too valuable for me already and that has not reached its limits yet. Perhaps I’m indeed being delusional and am not hitting a wall at all. Who knows what happens when I continue despite this apparent boredom I currently experience.

The whole reason I’m bringing this up now is because it will be a little hard to find the energy and inspiration to write longer pieces while doing these Monologues. Some days I use the inspiration for something that could be a large piece and I burn it on a quick Monologue. It seems like a waste. Ah well, maybe I will use the pieces I write this year as drafts for a longer story that can benefit from some further thoughts. Who knows, we’ll see what happens.

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