I bought another domain name today1 min read

I bought another domain name today. Maybe even two. It’s like I’m collecting the things. In the process I forgot to shower and now it’s 5 PM and I haven’t set a foot outside. Let’s start with that shower first.

Now that that’s done, what else? Maybe take a good look at the One Two One test book that arrived today. Hmmm, my first impression: it’s a little underwhelming. Perhaps I did not choose the correct form to do the project justice. Let me sit on that for a while.

Now what? Try to hang the TV with the wall mount Charlotte brought home? Do I want to start such a task at 8:30 PM? Perhaps not but I can’t let it rest as well.

Hmmm it’s a little trickier than I hoped. Which is not unexpected though. At least I made some progress. Tomorrow we continue.

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