127 | I cringe every time. Even now

Mitchel Lensink
May 7, 2021
1 min read

I’m not a 100% sure this is a good idea but here it goes. As I’m building out my De Lens Loves You Instagram feed, I figured it might be fun to share some more of my writing there as well. That’s why I decided to do one of those quote-type posts. I don’t know, I kind of cringe when I see them but I also want to share my work so here we are.

The plan is to take one of my favorite Monologues every now and then and highlight something out of it. Something I want to shine some extra light on, besides the one Monologue post. This also grants me the opportunity to paraphrase myself and perhaps add some more layers to the initial thought.

This time I’ve decided to bring back my Textures post from a while ago:

I know this looks like I’m trying to be profound but I’m not the type to act all fake-deep. This was just a quick reminder I wrote down for myself. So next time I’ll be out shooting some documentary work, I remember to focus on a full spectrum of images.

A good reportage isn’t just showing you what happened in a particular moment, it’s letting you feel it too. Transporting you to the moment so that you can experience it almost as intensely as the people in it. A good way to achieve that is to:

Shoot wide and show the setting.

Shoot medium and reveal the scene.

Shoot close and highlight the details.

And to shoot textures, allowing you to almost feel the reportage between your fingers.

A texture in itself isn’t that interesting but a good layer of rust, the wood of a building, or the polished finish of a car can really convey a bigger message when you present it alongside a few good establishing shots.

If that doesn’t make much sense then perhaps you should reach out so I can elaborate. If it does make sense and you think it’s a load of crap then, by all means, also reach out. Maybe I am wrong, or maybe I can convince you that my thoughts aren’t that strange.

I’ll have some truly deep thoughts or no thoughts at all. Ain’t no in between.

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