I feel uninspired most days but I still soldier on1 min read

Most days I feel pretty uninspired but I still soldier on with these monologues. Because, even when I have no inspiration, I still enjoy the process of writing a few words every day. I might even go as far in saying that writing has become a lot more fun in general. I guess the mere exposure effect1 also applies to things you compulsively do. I already can’t wait to turn some of these quick notes and loose thoughts into proper essays.

Perhaps somebody will then start reading them2.

Concurrently, I do feel like giving up some days as I not always succeed to see the point. Why am I even putting so much time and effort into learning a skill like writing when I don’t even plan to use it commercially. I might be better off sharpening the skills I’m already more advanced in, like photography. Nevertheless, I still believe it’s a good idea to become more well rounded as an individual and a project like Monologue definitely helps reach that goal.

In any occasion, the plans and wishes I articulated yesterday are very true. I do want to make more book-shaped things and traditionally, words are meant to be put into books. It makes sense. Though that’s mostly something I need to remind myself of.

  1. A psychological effect where you tend to favor things more as you see/hear/do them more. ↩︎

  2. That’s a joke and I’m not bitter at all but I’m also aware that nobody really reads these daily updates at the moment. Which is fine as it’s pretty liberating. ↩︎

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