I had a random thought this morning1 min read

I had a random thought this morning about the differences and similarities between photography and writing. As a matter of fact, I even had a point to make that I think is somewhat interesting! I jotted it down real quick in my ever growing Free Association note in the Notes app so I could return to it later. So when I returned home, I got to writing.

Quickly though, that random thought turned into something more refined and lengthy. Far beyond the scope of these Monologues. That story is now living as a draft in my Dialogue folder. I’ll give it some more time to marinade, perhaps do some research, and then give it a proper place to live.

So what does that mean for today’s update? Well, I’m basically saying that the interesting thing I had planned is not coming today and I’ve replaced it with this rather boring PSA. I’m not mad about it, I hope you aren’t as well. Perhaps it’s a good idea to plan a writing-day for myself sometime soon. Who knows, I might actually produce something valuable.

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Hey, I’m Mitchel Lensink. I’m a photographer and writer from The Netherlands. Want to know more than that? You can find out on my about page.

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