318 | I have a new plan!

Mitchel Lensink
Nov 14, 2021
1 min read

New plan! I have a new plan! I’m not sure I will actually pull through but I like the idea so here it goes. How about… how shall I say this… splitting my time into two parts for a while. One part where I focus on doing computer stuff and one part where I focus on going out and making real life stuff.

I have so much trouble planning my time properly to allow for outside adventures. It’s not uncommon that I end up finding something to do on the computer and just default to that instead. Such a waste. A shame! A photographer needs to be out there, experiencing stuff, seeing things! That will not happen when sitting behind a desk all day.

So let’s try to divide my time into two parts. Each time of a week long. A week of computer work to make boring digital stuff. And a week where I make it a point of going out as much as I can to take photos, meet people and be present. Sounds pretty good in theory, right? Last week was a full week of desk work. Let’s try to make the coming week one where I venture out. Obviously, I will report back.

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