016 | I sent out my first newsletter yesterday. On accident

Mitchel Lensink
Jan 16, 2021
1 min read

I sent out my first newsletter yesterday. On accident. It’s not a big deal but I do feel like I could’ve sent out a more proper first email to my subscribers. Oh well…

Anyway, I did figure out a good format for the newsletter, which is called Dialogue by the way. I also realised that refusing to call it a newsletter and instead referring to it as a mailing list wasn’t constructive and unclear communication. So I folded and now I call it as it is: a newsletter.

Next to that, I worked on the Dialogue tagline and settled (for now) on “questions about photography and other things”. This might be a good method to stay true to the title of the newsletter.

I plan to lead every issue with a photography-related question and then try to find an answer to it. Hopefully, people will find my questions interesting enough to weigh in themselves as well.

I also plan on doing interviews with local photographers. It will probably be a question/answer-format where I ask the same questions to everybody. Just so we can have a little conversation.

It might be a good idea to publicly work on a list of questions, right here on the blog. I think five or six questions might be sufficient.

Asking questions and doing interviews is a good format that fits the title. The success of the idea probably depends on how well I execute it so I’ll give it some more thought and then turn to execution soon.

After all, I accidentally started already.

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