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Looking around social media I see people living their best lives. Traveling, going out for drinks, barbecues with friends; though it’s mostly the traveling that sparks my jealousy. I want to go out and see those places as well. Why don’t I? Is it because I can’t? That’s not true at all, I can go whenever I please. Though not with the frequency I see some people doing on the internet.

Then I think: what is it that I see? Highlights, snippets, glimpses. Not the whole picture, at least. It can’t be for all of these people, right? Sure a subset is living the proverbial dream but most of them are merely displaying the good times, leaving out the less than fabulous moment, right?

At the same time, I do not aspire to just go on holidays every now and then. I don’t want a life where I work very hard to be able to go on vacation a lot. While that sounds like a good plan at first, my focus is rather different. Instead, I wish to have a life where travel and seeing new places is the main thing. A way of life that allows me to be anywhere I wish to be, without the defined boundaries of a vacation.

For as long as I can remember, this has been my ultimate goal. Being fully location-independent and making the work I love making. I’m not worried about having to work hard. What worries me is doing the wrong kind of work that confines me to a static location. There’s a good chance that when that happens doing the wrong kind of work, if only for this one reason.

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