171 | I worked on a Sunday and I don't regret it

Mitchel Lensink
Jun 20, 2021
1 min read

Wake up in the morning and watch some YBS Youngbloods on YouTube to get my lust for adventure going. Eat the burger I didn’t finish last night for breakfast. Drink another cup of coffee to make sure I’m properly awake. That’s all the energy I need for my afternoon activities.

The clock shows a little past 12 as I take my last sips from the coffee and head for the shower. I pick out an airy attire to make sure I’m comfortable later. I thoroughly pet both of the cats on the head and I head out.

After I equip my bike with my newly acquired frame bag and fill the thing up with cameras1, I ride a solid 3,5 hours while taking photos along the way. I take so many photos. Which also means the ride was slow, though steady. As I’ve said before, the goal is always to go far and not fast. I’m not quite sure of my afternoon matches my expectations but I do have a photo or two I’m ecstatic about. That already makes the efforts worth it for me.

What more can I say? Things won’t happen because you planned them. They happen because you’re allow them. As long as you head out and find something to do, life will unfold itself. I have some more thinking to do but this is the general tendency I’m rolling with for now.

Hasta mañana muchachos.

  1. Thats, two cameras and a sizable bottle for rehydration. ↩︎

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