I’m not feeling it today and I’m happy I don’t1 min read

I’m not feeling it today. I’m not in a productive mood at all. Or, I should say, not in the mood to create. That’s the same thing, isn’t it?

Anyway, that’s not to say this is a bad thing. On the contrary! I noticed I felt great joy pushing everything on my to do list to a later time. I have the time, why not use it? Lessons I’m learning as I go. It certainly beats my usual tendency of doing everything I possibly can today in the hopes that I can relax tomorrow but then finding more stuff to do again tomorrow — pushing myself into an endless loop of apparent productivity, which never lets me take a moment off.

*takes deep breath*

Aaaanyway… I’ve blocked off tomorrow afternoon to continue walking the entirety of the Grebbeline. It’s been a while and I kinda can’t wait to get back out there again. Fingers crossed the afternoon is sunny as the predictions.

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