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It is very necessary. Especially after the way I have been pumping myself up all morning. Will I take a bus all the way up to Spakenburg and then walk back home — essentially completing the northern half of the Grebbeline? Nah, that’s an almost 25km walk. Too much for a quick afternoon stroll so I should save that for when I have a full day.

Perhaps I then take a bus down to Scherpenzeel and walk another section of the southern half of the Grebbeline. Though that would require me to be at the central station in 15 minutes from now. Otherwise it will be too late before I start and then too dark before I finish. Also not a good idea.

In the meantime, I’m working on a bunch of little things for De Ontluiking. Nothing is taking shape though. There are too many things halfway done and I lack the inspiration to finish any of them. I’m just too restless inside. I should stick to my initial plan and do that walk. I can’t sit still behind a computer after I’ve decided to go out.

Oh but wait! I still need to connect the the northern and the southern halves to each other. That would be a nice 5km-ish loop for today. Yes, let’s do that.

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