It’s a good thing I don’t make daily vlogs1 min read

It’s a good thing I don’t make daily vlogs but stick to daily blogs. Most of my days aren’t that interesting. That’s totally fine but how do some people manage to create interesting videos every single day? Then again, I don’t know any examples where people managed to stick with it.

Anyway, it’s a good thing these are simple blogs. If you insist on reading all of these, at least they allow you to skim over the story and be done with it quickly.

The stories that I do put more thought and energy into are my Dialogues. You can read the, currently two, issues in the archive. Or just, you know, subscribe by leaving you email at the bottom of this Monologue.

Then, for recording purposes, what did I do today? I went to the office, I unburdened my bike from all its winter gunk and I played GTA V. I might continue working on my B&W Squares project tomorrow but I might save that for the moment inspiration hits.

Oh! Almost forgot. I received a message from the local library that The Silence Around needs to be moved as they need the space, so I have made an appointment with a storage facility. The original plan was to move it to another place of exhibition but since those are all closed, as well as me being done with the project, I’ll just place the units in storage. Maybe I can repurpose them for future projects.

That’s March 3rd 2021 for me.

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Hey, I’m Mitchel Lensink. I’m a photographer and writer from The Netherlands. Want to know more than that? You can find out on my about page.

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