It’s amazing how much a little working out can make a difference1 min read

It’s amazing how much a little working out can make a difference. All I did was two workouts this week and I feel more mental clarity and inner peace. It’s weird, I used to go to the gym five times a week. It always was an amazing way to burn some energy and to take a break.

The past few month (years?) I haven’t been as devoted as I should’ve been. To be fair, my schedule has been increasingly busy but I don’t think that’s a solid excuse. Though it’s definitely still a reason. The funny thing is, every time I plan to pick it back up, I notice immediate benefit. Why can’t I just stick to it?

Let’s just give it another go shall we? All you need for things to succeed is for them to succeed once. And then keep succeeding, since you’re already doing it anyway.

That’s exactly what I should do when it comes to my workout routine. Focus real hard on many things until my mind overflows, then take a break and move some weights around to clear my head again. If I’m looking for an improvement of my quality of life, here it is. Don’t underestimate that ever again.

This note to self was brought to you by a millennial at large.

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