It’s amazing how much six years can do (I went out again)2 min read

As I mentioned only the day before yesterday, I need to get out more. I also made a promise to myself it would be just me and my camera again. Today I held myself to that promise.

Despite popular belief1, I still very much enjoy taking architecture photographs. It’s a subject I shot when I first started taking photographs about six years ago. There’s a lot of fun in taking photos that don’t require much effort to result in interesting imagery. Still, it’s something I felt I’ve grown out of a while ago, as the challenges waned and I moved on to other subjects.

But today I revisited.

All it took was hopping on a train to a place I don’t visit everyday and just walk around for a bit. I choose Amsterdam Zuid for this outing because I’ve been there before. In fact, it has been six years since I’ve been there to take photos on my own.

Am I coming full circle?

In any case, I could now try and see it with fresh eyes though. I felt a little lost and self-conscious when I first got off the train but I quickly found my stride again. Before I knew it I was snapping away, finding new angles and interesting perspectives.

The end result is basically just a series of simple look-ups2 but that’s perfect. It’s something I feel familiar with but at the same time challenges me enough to try and approach it differently from when I did it six years ago.

Here’s one of my favourites from the afternoon.

  1. Just kidding, there is no popular belief ↩︎

  2. You know, photos where you look up ↩︎

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