I need a reason to embed a few tweets.

I’ve been keeping track of the basket next to our house and its deterioration process. Don’t ask me why, I just do. It started out pretty random as I thought the thing looked visually appealing already. Then the net started to slowly come off and I just could helpt but check up on the thing on an almost daily basis.

Now, for some unexplainable reason, the net managed to attach itself to the back of the thing. Basically, I’m just looking for an excuse to embed this Twitter thread I’ve been maintaining.

It’s an ongoing story so please make sure to click the thing so you can see the progress. That is, if you care enough to do such a thing of course.

I can’t stop thinking about this iPhone photo.

For some reason I keep shooting this basket next to my house.

It’s the slow deterioration that’s now become interesting.

Hanging by a thread. Quite literally.

It turns out it’s a net loss for the basket.

Originally tweeted by Mitch (@lensinkmitchel) on March 10, 2021.

I feel uninspired most days but I still soldier on

Most days I feel pretty uninspired but I still soldier on with these monologues. Because, even when I have no inspiration, I still enjoy the process of writing a few words every day. I might even go as far in saying that writing has become a lot more fun in general. I guess the mere exposure effect1 also applies to things you compulsively do. I already can’t wait to turn some of these quick notes and loose thoughts into proper essays.

Perhaps somebody will then start reading them2.

Concurrently, I do feel like giving up some days as I not always succeed to see the point. Why am I even putting so much time and effort into learning a skill like writing when I don’t even plan to use it commercially. I might be better off sharpening the skills I’m already more advanced in, like photography. Nevertheless, I still believe it’s a good idea to become more well rounded as an individual and a project like Monologue definitely helps reach that goal.

In any occasion, the plans and wishes I articulated yesterday are very true. I do want to make more book-shaped things and traditionally, words are meant to be put into books. It makes sense. Though that’s mostly something I need to remind myself of.

  1. A psychological effect where you tend to favor things more as you see/hear/do them more. ↩︎

  2. That’s a joke and I’m not bitter at all but I’m also aware that nobody really reads these daily updates at the moment. Which is fine as it’s pretty liberating. ↩︎

Further plans and wishes

Further plans and wishes.

Build out my website until it can financially support my photography. Maybe even financially support me. But mostly, grant me the freedom to continue creating. That’s what it’s all about.

More projects, more products, more time for myself, less things to worry about.

See different places. Actually see them.

Live a full life. Not necessarily an eventful one.

Not much else.

What’s a man to do with a deadline?

What’s a man to do when everything that could be done has been done? Is he then done? Of course he is not. Why would a man be done when his life is not done. There’s more time, more things to see, experience.

So, why would a man stress over a deadline? If he is never done, a deadline isn’t at all dead. There’s no end at that line. No death. It’s merely a pause. A moment to reflect. A quick stop on an everlasting journey.

Deadlines are mirages. Non existent. The only deadline is true death and nobody escapes the crossing of that line. Let alone influence it.

In the meantime, the journey has no rush. It does not wait, nor leave you behind. The journey is the friend. The pauses along the way are for introspection. For gratitude.

I need some sleep. See you tomorrow.

I make fine art prints now

What’s a man to do when he can no longer dedicate his energy to making a book-shaped thing?

I know! Make fine art prints. 

You can take a look at the store right now. How escjting! Or you can wait until I have the time to clarify things further. Either way, please know that everything is a work in progress.

Goodbye now.

I’m thinking about scheduling my downtime, is that weird?

This might sound weird. I’m thinking about scheduling my downtime. Yes that definitely sounds weird as hell. It’s just that I’ve come to a point where if something isn’t in my agenda, I’ll probably forget about it. This also applies to downtime.

I have to actively remember to take some time off or otherwise I just continue working on stuff. Tinkering with things infinitely. So, you know, maybe I should just schedule having a break every now and then? Perhaps take an hour or two in the evening. Or a day in the week that’s reserved for reading a book. Do nothing but watch bald and bankrupt on YouTube for a full day.

It’s just a thought.

No more to do items for me

To do

  • cover
  • intro
  • font
  • layout
  • outro
  • test book

Do you see that? The to do list if finally crossed off. I needn’t share that final step here because it was mostly to keep my sprint going two weeks ago anyway. Nevertheless, I feel like I owed it to myself to check it off. Aaaaand I deserve it too. It feels good to complete things. I can’t wait to hold the physical book in my hands in a few days!

100 days of Monologue

100 days.

101 days if we’re being exact1. This project has been going for 100 days now. Can you imagine? A few words here and there turned into a few thousand words this year. That’s more than I’ve written in the past five years added up together.

That’s an accomplishment in itself, if you ask me.

Am I getting better at this thing? How should I know? You be the judge of that. Just know that I’m writing this thing ten minutes to twelve after four beers. That’s all I have to say for now.

See you tomorrow.

  1. We’re not being exact. ↩︎

I’ve watched this new Street Diaries episode by Joe Greer

I was watching this new Street Diaries episode by Joe Greer1 and there were a few moments that stood out to me that I want to quickly highlight here. The first moment is around the 11 minute mark when Joe runs into another film crew who’s following some extravert girl dancing around. The second moment is when they run into some guy called Jimmy K who is determined to insert himself into the video.

Both persons are very loud and very outgoing. They are also very interesting subjects to photograph. This is obviously the type of thing you want to see when you are out on the streets taking photos. You want some action, something special to happen. So when people talk to you and be all up in your face with their energy, what do you do?

You take a photo.

I saw Joe having no hesitations to shoot away, while these people were doing their thing right in front of him. It’s a thing I noticed immediately because I recognised how I would’ve responded in such a situation. I’m way more avoiding and way more dismissive when people ‘disturb’ my process on the street. Basically, I’m a little scared to have these types of interactions. Of course, these people can be unpredictable and you never know what they might do next. Of course you have to be careful and vigilant.

That doesn’t mean you should run away from these types of settings though.

Instead, it’s way better to embrace them. Let the moment be what it wants to be and don’t prohibit it from unfolding by being dismissive. You are right there, you want to document life so be there and shoot. Shoot as much as possible.

Oh, also, this entry marks 100(!!!) consecutive days of writing! Counting the announcement of the project on December 31st 2020 as well. Tomorrow will be the official 100th entry for my Monologue project though. I’ll try and come up with something interesting to say.

  1. I know some of you think he’s not all that but I find his process very inspiring. ↩︎