This week I’m sprinting

My to do list from yesterday has now turned into this week’s sprint to get this thing done. I won’t allow myself to dwell on things any longer.

So, I finally settled on a font. Mostly by not thinking too much about it anymore and just use one of my favorites.

The layout also got some work but that should be finished tomorrow.

To do

  • cover
  • intro
  • font
  • layout
  • outro
  • test book

How much of it really matters

How much of it really matters? I mean truly matter. My guess is, not much. Not many things are worth the effort. It’s only when you want it, when it matters to you, that the allocation of energy can be justified.

This should be common knowledge. I think. But I still see many people around me getting worked up over nothing. It makes me sad. But I don’t want to be sad. I’m not getting worked up over it. It’s not worth my energy.

I worked on my newsletter flow, maybe for nothing.

Today I updated the sign up flow for my newsletter. I added two-step verification and worked on the design of the emails. It all looked peachy but then dark mode kicked in around 9PM and the whole padding fell apart. I’m also forced to use a white background, instead of the mail going fully dark as I prefer.

To be honest, I’m not sure my work of today was productive. Oh well, at least I learned a thing or two.

It’s amazing how much a little working out can make a difference

It’s amazing how much a little working out can make a difference. All I did was two workouts this week and I feel more mental clarity and inner peace. It’s weird, I used to go to the gym five times a week. It always was an amazing way to burn some energy and to take a break.

The past few month (years?) I haven’t been as devoted as I should’ve been. To be fair, my schedule has been increasingly busy but I don’t think that’s a solid excuse. Though it’s definitely still a reason. The funny thing is, every time I plan to pick it back up, I notice immediate benefit. Why can’t I just stick to it?

Let’s just give it another go shall we? All you need for things to succeed is for them to succeed once. And then keep succeeding, since you’re already doing it anyway.

That’s exactly what I should do when it comes to my workout routine. Focus real hard on many things until my mind overflows, then take a break and move some weights around to clear my head again. If I’m looking for an improvement of my quality of life, here it is. Don’t underestimate that ever again.

This note to self was brought to you by a millennial at large.

I have a name for the black & white squares photo project

Well won’t you look at that. All it took was an afternoon by myself in a distraction-free environment. I now have an outro written for the black & white squares project and I’ve settled on a name. All that’s left to do is write an intro and finish up the design of the book.

But first, about that name… Can I get a drumroll please?

I decided to call the project:

One Two One

Which can also be stylised as 1:1. Go ahead and say it out loud, I’ll wait. And…? Does it make sense?

Not coincidentally, 1:1 is also the aspect ratio of all the images in the book. If you take the concept even further you could say that 1 2 1 equals 4, which is the maximum amount of pictures I’ve placed on each page to form some sort of meta-level square image. That’s not something I want to dive into too much though. It’s there, but people should be able to dissect that by looking at it themselves. Or not, that’s also fine.

I thought about making the shape of the book a square as well but ultimately decided against it for numerous reasons I don’t care to get into right now.

Finally, I wrote quite a few words that will be included throughout the book and plan on writing a few more as well. This project isn’t super serious and it’s definitely not my first official photo book. It is something I’m proud of though. It was and still is a very good learning process. Once I’m ready to make an actual book for the general public, at least I’ll have some knowledge on how to do so.

That’s pretty much the biggest accomplishment of my day so I’m calling it one as well.


A new (to me) way of doing a walk

The amount of unrest I felt yesterday could be fully attributed to my lack of movement during the day. I know that to be a certainty now, because the three hour walk I did today was the only thing that remedied that. It was just as much tiring (in a good way) as it was invigorating (also in a good way).

The way I set up the walk was a first for me. I planned to go to Utrecht and walk around a little, the same way I did last week in Amsterdam Zuid. Instead, I arrived at the station just in time for the slow train, instead of the intercity. The moment I sat down in the train an idea crept up on me.

Why didn’t I get out a stop earlier and simply walk the rest to Utrecht Centraal? It would be a nice expansion of my little walk and a guarantee I would walk some roads I haven’t walked before. A quick search revealed that the walk was a mere 36 minutes. I didn’t have to think twice about it.

Now, to be totally honest, the route from Utrecht Overvecht to Utrecht Centraal isn’t the nicest. It was a walk nonetheless and through neighbourhoods I wasn’t familiar with. That was good enough for me. To make it a little more fun, I allowed myself to wander in the direction I was generally going but also take a few detours here and there if I spotted something of interest. I simply let my navigation steer me a little when I drifter off course too much. It worked wonderfully.

I’m now thinking I could do this more often.

The idea is that I will still just be wandering around aimlessly but now also have a goal I’m walking towards. It gives more purpose to the walk and therefore makes it more fun. It also allows me to set parameters for future outings, which I like a lot because I struggle to find places to go to that could interest me photographically.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to share today. Onwards!

Stop playing games and read a book

While I did do some work on the book, most of my time today has gone to playing GTA Online for the first time.

My god what a stressful game that is.

Sure it’s still fun enough to play but I damn sure can’t do it before I go to bed. I won’t be able to sleep for at least another hour if I do. So now I’m unwinding with a book and a beer so that I can start the week with a clear head.

That’s it for now.

I’m happy to report that peace presents itself

Nick Cave just said “we are fireflies trapped in the hand of a boy”. I take another sip of my blonde beer and contemplate those words. My cat looks at me with questioning eyes.

“You just had dinner, so that can’t be it. Do you want a good petting, perhaps?”, I think to myself. I give it a try. It works. The cat looks away.

I return to my Fujifilm X100V and browse through the photographs I’ve just taken. They look so happy. So content with the surplus of food they now have access to. Good. I hope the power of controlling their own feeds calms them down a little. So far it seems to work.

I take another sip of my beer as Charlotte starts clearing the table of the afternoon’s bites. I’m left with the honor of cleaning the tiny spoons used to scoop up dips on the final loaf of bread.

The cat repositions. I do the same. His head is now resting firmly on my arm. I can’t keep this up forever but for now I’ll concede. I am politely asked to clean those spoons from before so that they too can relocate to the dishwasher. I needn’t be asked that again but at the same time notice the other cat settles down on her lap. Those spoons aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Another sip of my beer as I type these final lines. I look down at the cat on my lap. Then at her, the cat on her lap.