One of the last ones this year

A foggy morning foreshadows a sunny day. The cold October air tickles my face and leaves a refreshing feeling in my nose. I take a deep breath and fill my lungs with the cold fall-like air. This is Holland. This is where I spend my days.

The contractor is steadily hammering away on our roof. Sawing and hammering. Until he comes down to report on his work. Let’s hope that leakage is finally fixed once and for all now. We’ll need it the coming months. The wettest months of the year. Especially here.

Not today though. Through the thinning fog, a watery sun is fighting its way through. Every now and then, I can feel a warm ray of light stroke my face. Today will be one of the last light-filled days of the year. A strange realisation, considering we have many days left, of course, but a true one. Soon, the days will become shorter and shorter, darker and darker, until all we have left is the warm comfort of our homes and loved ones to keep us sane.

In all honesty, that idea does not scare me at all. My body is ready. My mind is ready. My camera is aching to return to black and white imagery again. A tradition in the coldest months. But none of that is happening today. This is the day we load up on Vitamine D as much as we can, while we can. Today is October 7th 2021.

Deep work and progress

Hello from the other side of an afternoon of deep work. As much as I love being out creating new things, sometimes you need to sit down and process that work as well. Today was one of those days. Lord knows things have been the other way around so I feel very blessed!

De Ontluiking will continue very soon. The words have been written and the photos have now been processed. And, exciting news, a video is also in the works. We’ll see how that all comes together when we move this thing to its own website (we’re still running this all from a page on my personal one). For now though, chapter two will remain on the old format and will be released sometime this week. Come Friday I have a meeting to discuss further possibilities, so hopefully this will also be the last chapter that we release this way. Fingers crossed.

When that is all taken care of, I’ll try to find time to process my work from Spain too. I can’t wait to look at what I produced again with fresh eyes! Anyway, I see on my phone that there’s a small window of opportunity where there’s no rain coming from the sky so I’m going to seize that one. Talk soon, talk soon.

Facebook is down. Good.

I’m not saying I’m happy Facebook and it’s related services are down. What I will say though, is that I’m happy I have this little website for myself. A place to display my work to the world without the dependence on third parties. I’m happy I have an email newsletter that’s obviously very small and has nowhere near the reach you can get on any of these platforms but at least the audience is mine. Anyway, regardless of what happens to Facebook and Co. tomorrow, I’ll be sticking to own plan. That’s something I’m even more sure of now.

The return to (normal) life

Mis amigos, estamos en la casa! And I’m not even mad about it. This does of course mean that my short stint of ‘A (few) word(s) a day’ updates is now also over. Back to writing full-length, 200 word stories again.1

First order of business, import all the images from the past 12 days into Lightroom, while at the same time backing everything up to Backblaze (that’s a referral link). While that happens, admire Craig Mod’s Kissa by Kissa book that has been delivered in my absence. My god what a beautiful artefact that is. I’m thinking about writing some more thoughts on it later. First I need to read it though.

Then, some friends are coming over and we’ll be heading to Blauwdruk 033, which I participated in myself last year, in the afternoon. In case you are wondering, I am bringing a camera with me but it won’t be the X100V that shot the entire trip in Spain. That camera deserves a break after so many days of heavy use. The X-Pro3 with the XF18mm F2 will be my partner today. I’m not sure why I’m telling you this but it’s something I’m weirdly excited about so there you go.

Okay quick peek, how many words are we at right now? 226 words, excluding this last sentence, that should cut it for today.

  1. That’s a joke because 200 word stories can hardly be called full length. ↩︎

A (few) word(s) a day #03

I have time so I will make this story a little longer than one word today. The rules are mine to make! First of all, the word of today is: moldscare. With that out of the way, let me elaborate a little.

We’ve been in Spain for a few days now in an Airbnb in Málaga. Ever since arriving though, we’ve been feeling more and more unwell. It’s not like we’re entirely sick, we just aren’t feeling the energy you hope for on your vacation. Instead, we’ve been dragging ourselves through the city, trying to enjoy ourselves but generally being unable to because everything takes so much damn energy. At first, we attributed this to a classic ‘releasing all the stress’ kind of sickness. Something most people experience while unwinding after a long period of general stress and work.

This past night though, I’ve been up with a sore throat — unable to sleep because of it. The moment I had to throw up because I was sick of my own saliva, our suspicions arose rapidly. Charlotte was doing even worse than the day before as well (partly because I kept her up, I must admit). It’s only then that we really started to take that moldy spot in the corner of the room more seriously. Perhaps that was releasing sickening spores that teased our respiratory systems to never before seen levels of irritation? Within the span of 30 minutes we were packed, out the door and on our way to the next destination.

I have notified the Airbnb host of the worrying spot on the ceiling but can’t be sure about its maliciousness as well. Charlotte and I did everything together the past few days, perhaps we simply ate something bad and therefore feel as we do. I guess we’ll never truly know.

What I do know though, is that this message — which is being written on the beach of Torremolinos — is coming from a man who’s much more relaxed than he was this morning. I’m still not feeling like myself just yet but I’m happy we’ve decided to move on. Just a minute ago we witnessed a, rather fierce, ocean surprise a group of unsuspecting people by flooding their sunbathing spots in a sand-loaded wave of terror, coating them and all their belongings in a thick layer of sticky mud. I felt bad for those people and frankly a little self conscious on my elevated bed. At the same time I don’t think I would’ve been able to deal with such perils right now myself. I guess what I’m saying is: things could’ve been a lot worse.

This man can use a break

Importing photos from the cameras onto my computer. Sync them all up to the cloud. Don’t look at the pictures because my mind is on vacation-mode already.

Checking in for the flight online. Work our way through the required Covid paperwork. Submit the papers to the KLM. Receive a message back that we’ve done it wrong. Try again. Succeed. Pack my bag.

Watch cooking videos on YouTube with whatever time there is left in the day. Cuddle with the cats and simp about how much I’ll miss them.

Anyway, this man can use a break. Fortunately, that’s exactly what I’m taking the next two weeks. This streak of daily monologues can not end here though. So it won’t. At the same time, I also don’t want to burden myself with daily writing too much while I try to unplug. So how do I solve that?


For the next two weeks, I will continue my daily publications but will limit them to one word. I don’t know what that will do for my website’s SEO but that’s of lesser importance right now.

I might write a thing or two when I feel like it, I just don’t want to have the obligation to write anything at all when I don’t want to. Perhaps I’ll share a photo alongside the single word every now and then as well. Seems like a fun way to continue documenting without much efforts. We’ll see, we’ll see.