Let us quickly recap the week2 min read

Let us quickly recap the week and its intended planning, now that the final day looms over us. Without going into great detail, it is with pride and sincerity that I can present to you a story of success. The week was quick and full, two things usually related to one another, and therefore did not feel like much of a vacation at all.

In fact, more work was done than on any other average week but it was rewarding and fulfilling work that I shall not shy away from again. I do need to point out that not all my expectations were fully met but that isn’t always a bad thing. The reality of the matter came to me when I edited the final batch of images during the day on my iPhone.1 Despite a lack of freedom on some occasions, the results are still to be proud of and perhaps even to be shared on my personal channels. Whenever the time it right to do such a thing, that is.

Concurrently, the moments in between were seized as much as possible to find peace and relaxation. I can not claim to have found enough of those to say I have recharged sufficiently but perhaps that’s a sign I should strive for those things indefinitely. Regrettably, there will be more time to attain that, as De Ontluiking will be put on hold until further notice. Things can not unfold as long as restrictions are still a reality and with that thought, we’ll have to park the project for now. It’s not an exaggeration when I state that this is the biggest disappointment of the week. Though, to end this missive on a lighter more positive note, if this is the absolute worst thing that happened this week then it must be said that I’m doing pretty good in that case.

A conclusion is found and talking to you I will be tomorrow. Thank you for reading, warm greetings.

  1. On Lightroom Mobile, synchronizing everything from my computer. ↩︎

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