134 | Life on the fifth floor

Mitchel Lensink
May 14, 2021
1 min read

Life on the fifth floor. It detaches you from the hustle and bustle of the streets. You’re more in tune with the birds in the sky then pedestrians on the sidewalk. The sound of a playing child might travel to your elevation, though never at the level of disturbance. A detachment that will prove itself to be a blessing soon.

The wind. The sun. Both ever-prevalent. Its abundance more felt due to the lack of shelter. Most surrounding buildings are only visible by their roofs. The sensations of the elements are intense. The howling wind around the building. The relentless burning sun on the south-facing balcony. The good and the bad. Though the bad is also good, as the raw forces are a magic to behold.

Impeccable, is what the vista is. The panoramic view of a city you grew up in. A sense of presence must be felt, when looking at the city’s landmarks sticking out from the skyline. You’ll never get tired of looking out the window. Time passes below but here, everything moves a little more slow. A little more peaceful.

That’s life on the fifth floor.

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