113 | Look at me, wonderfully synergising

Mitchel Lensink
Apr 23, 2021
1 min read

I did another instagram post, which also marks my first background story accompanying my fine art prints. I’ll be adding it to the product page right after writing this Monologue.

I try to approach these stories as if I’m seeing the photos for the first time myself. Allowing my to eyes wander and myself to wonder about the image. As I take a good careful look at all the elements in the frame, I just write whatever surfaces. It’s not your typical background story for a photo, but it’s a story nonetheless.

Ah, a photo of a lamppost. Cute. Oh but wait, it has a shadow too. And it falls right in the middle of that window behind it. Now that I mention it, those windows form a nice little pattern, don’t they?

The whole thing looks... old. Or not necessarily old but maybe dated? As if that building has been there for a while. Or at least the lamppost has. How old do lampposts generally get anyway...? Ten years, fifty years? A hundred? Nah, not a hundred, that’s ridiculous. Though it certainly could be from the looks of it, if it weren’t for that sticker. That sticker soils the fun.

You know what fun isn’t spoiled though?

Looking at this photo. It’s wonderfully mundane. Interesting in its simplicity. I could hang it on my wall and stare at it everyday. As a gentle reminder how simple daily life can be. How we are just existing, hanging around. How we should be content with that. As I imagine that lamppost is.

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