Look close and you will see1 min read

I wrote a few words to accompany Viewfinder 030. Feast your eyes and tickle your mind with the ingenuity of my writing below:

This is one of those typical boring shots that you don’t pay much attention to at first. I mean, what exactly am I looking at? Well indeed, what are you looking at?

What is that big thing in the bottom right corner? What forms those lines? What is the perspective of the shot, am I looking to the side, or down? Maybe up?

But then, ah! Those lines are tram tracks! Right when the curvature is at its largest. That’s what they are. But what then is that thing in the corner? Is it… a light? Some sort of pole to keep the electrical wires suspended? Nah, it’s definitely a light. And then, of course, your everyday traffic lines. Nice touch.

It turns out this is not such a boring shot after all.

Mitchel Lensink De Lens Viewfinder Fine Art Print
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