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We’ve had the two cutest little Chihuahuas staying at our place this afternoon. Though the cats did not agree on the cute part. The moment we set foot, or paw, into the door it was raised backs and big tails galore. The two Chihuahuas didn’t seem to mind that much, though you could also tell they’ve been welcomed more hospitable in the past. From that moment on I could not sit another step without the smallest of the two Chihuahuas following me through the house. The other one withdrew himself into the more safe confinements of the bedroom.

The cats did come and check on us every once in a while as their curiosity overwon their apprehension and distrust. they also aborted those missions rather quickly every time one of the Chihuahuas moved even just a little bit. We stayed indoors for most of the day but the atmosphere didn’t change and relations remained strained.

I am now taking the two Chihuahuas out for their evening walk and they don’t seem at all phased from the hostilities of the day.
I wonder what the cats are up to now that they’ve regained control of their kingdom. As my walk is nearing its ending, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for the cats that I once again must introduce the two intruders into their home. I sure hope they don’t take it personally and that they will still speak to me after today.

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