300 | My god, can you believe it?

Mitchel Lensink
Oct 27, 2021
1 min read

My god, can you believe it? I have turned into a coder. You know, like, a developer type kind or something. Sure, I’m a real bad one because I have to google everything and I have to save and check, save and check, save and check, to see if I haven’t done anything wrong. But stumbling through all that trial and error, who would’ve guessed it, something is actually emerging.

To be frank, I’m still not sure if I like doing all this stuff or if I just like the idea of doing something so… pure? I mean, who enjoys manipulating a bunch of numbers on a screen to make something else appear on another screen? Then again, there’s something satisfying about manipulating something at its very core. And let’s be honest, code is one of the most fundamental things in our current time. You could argue, if you are brave enough, that society is flourishing because of three things only: oxygen, water and code.

But that opens up a whole new can of worms. Shall we not get into that right now?

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