275 | Return to (normal) life

Mitchel Lensink
Oct 2, 2021
1 min read

Mis amigos, estamos en la casa! And I’m not even mad about it. This does of course mean that my short stint of ‘A (few) word(s) a day’ updates is now also over. Back to writing full-length, 200 word stories again.1

First order of business, import all the images from the past 12 days into Lightroom, while at the same time backing everything up to Backblaze (that’s a referral link). While that happens, admire Craig Mod’s Kissa by Kissa book that has been delivered in my absence. My god what a beautiful artefact that is. I’m thinking about writing some more thoughts on it later. First I need to read it though.

Then, some friends are coming over and we’ll be heading to Blauwdruk 033, which I participated in myself last year, in the afternoon. In case you are wondering, I am bringing a camera with me but it won’t be the X100V that shot the entire trip in Spain. That camera deserves a break after so many days of heavy use. The X-Pro3 with the XF18mm F2 will be my partner today. I’m not sure why I’m telling you this but it’s something I’m weirdly excited about so there you go.

Okay quick peek, how many words are we at right now? 226 words, excluding this last sentence, that should cut it for today.

  1. That’s a joke because 200 word stories can hardly be called full length. ↩︎

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