Revisiting all three locations of The Silence Around1 min read

I cycled 25k to revisit all three locations of The Silence Around this afternoon. I figured that while I have this Final Cut Pro trial, I might as well create some more videos. So I shot a bunch of clips on all the locations so I can use that as B-roll while I deliver a piece to camera again.

I get home, a little tired but content, and sit down in front of the camera. I speak about 10 minutes of incoherent sentences and decide it’s maybe better to try again another time. Perhaps it was the heat from just getting off the bike. Or it was because I didn’t think it through enough. Maybe I now have a certain expectation how the video should look now that I’ve done one before. I don’t know. Nor does it matter much.

At least I got the B-roll. And even if that doesn’t work out, at least I rode my bike again. Now I’m laying my weary body in bed listing to the new James Blake song. Good day.

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