343 | Saw one shot and caught a vibe

Mitchel Lensink
Dec 9, 2021
1 min read

I saw a photo of a very peculiar looking man today, which caught my eye immediately. The photo is taken by Valentina Vos. Then I noticed the photo belonged to an article in the paper. The first paragraph of the article was included and somehow I started reading it. That interested me so much that I googled for the article to see if I could find it online so I could continue reading it. I found it rather quickly.

At the end of the article, I learned that this interview, because that is what it was, was because this peculiar looking man had written a book. A book about rationality, which he knew a great deal about since the man was a very well known social scientist. Well that's just up my alley isn't it?

I then dug up my old iPad and wiped everything from it except the Books app. I'm not 80% through the preview text and have full intention to purchase the ebook once I finish the preview. It's amazing what a single photo can accomplish.

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