Scheduling my time off for peace of mind1 min read

It’s my week off, starting today, but I also need to finish up a job as well. That’s not ideal because one of my pitfalls is that I can’t relaxt when there’s things to be done still. Therefore this schedule needs to be written otherwise I can’t properly enjoy my time off. Here it goes.


  • Keep the day free from things that must be done.
  • Maybe deliver some photos to clients.
  • Enjoy not having to do anything for a second.
  • Rest.
  • Dinner with the folks.


  • Go to Hilversum for a full day of photography work.
  • 3-year anniversary dinner(!).


  • Filter through some photos from Tuesday and do a first edit.
  • Enjoy time off!!


  • Go to Utrecht for a full day of photography work.


  • Filter through some photos from Thursday and do a first edit.
  • Work on more edits from Hilversum until near completion.
  • Photograph for ‘De Ontluiking’ all evening


  • TBD


  • Finish all photo edits and prepare the full set for delivery on Monday.
  • Take it easy. It’s still a vacation.
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