Shall we do another update?1 min read

Shall we do another update? Let’s do another update.

Today I’ve been working on adding the individual fine art prints of One Two One to the store. I have laid the last hand on the project page yesterday, so all I have to do now is finish setting up the store and then I’ll be ready to share the project with the world. If you are a reader of these Monologues, you are awarded with the privilege of early access, I guess.To be honest, I am glad I can put an end to this project. I’m happy with the whole process and it has been profoundly educational but I also need to keep moving. Eyes forward, onto the next one.

While I’ll be allowing myself to dream up some new ideas are we focusing on promoting One Two One. Hopefully, people find the photographs interesting enough to purchase a print of them.

In other news, it is definitely time to write a new issue of my newsletter Dialogue. I have already started drafting the outlines so I know what I want to talk about, which is mostly One Two One, of course. I do find it a little difficult to quite the newsletters as I want them to be well-thought-out and valuable to the subscribers. Something I don’t worry about too much with these Monologues.

Finally, and other other news, I haven’t forgotten about the ‘Do You Register?’ project but I haven’t thought about a next scene as well. Now that One Two One is finally done though, I hope to have less computer time and more adventure time soon.

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