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The project

‘De Stilte Rondom’ is a long-term photography project that took shape over a few months time in the first half of 2020. The goal of the project was to provide imagery that allowed people to take a step back from the hectics of modern life. Through these images, you are reminded that we are still able to find silence, peace and quiet around us. The best part about this is, that these places aren’t even that hard to find.

These photos are shot in and around Amersfoort, The Netherlands, a medium-sized city with a population of around 170K people. This places it out of ‘quiet territory’ by a considerable margin. Though around the city, a multitude of peaceful places can still be found. Some of them are intentionally designed to provide quiet; others are just pleasantly silent on accident. Either way, the silence around us is still very much alive.

The installation

Three panorama photos are made with a full 360-degree scope. These panoramas have then been presented in a closed circle, allowing people to step into the images. With an image height of 100cm and a total installation height of 220cm, it’s an immersive experience that forces you to be cut off from your surroundings for a moment. The three panorama-installations are traveling around to spread awareness. Their current location can be found on the De Stilte Rondom information page.

The Zine

All the images in the accompanying Zine have been photographed and post-processed by myself, as the design of the magazine. Inside a selection of 33 images from the total scope of the project can be found that embody the message and ‘feeling’ (yes I went there) the most. Each panorama is accompanied by 10 additional images, each telling the story of the panorama a little more in detail. An introductory story about the thought process during the project can be found on the first page.

A purchase of a physical Zine also grants access to the PDF eBook for free! A download link will be provided in your order confirmation email.

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